Claypaky GlowUp

  • Model: C71050 GlowUp C (RGBW)
  • C71055 GlowUp TW (Tunable White)
  • C71060 GlowUp W (Whit

GlowUp is a portable, battery-powered luminaire that removes the logistical headache of running cables at events – dramatically reducing set-up time, while saving money and improving safety. Based on durable, high-power LEDs

GlowUp offers years of energy-efficient service. Power is stored in a rechargeable lithium battery, a tried and tested technology found in many portable consumer devices such as mobile phones. The battery is lightweight making the fixture easy to carry and can be recharged 2000 times without suffering from ‘memory’ or capacity loss. GlowUp is fully programmable allowing users to select scenes from a library containing dozens of suggested colors as well as a number of pre-programmed, color-changing sequences. The battery eliminates the need for mains power, and each fixture can be programmed without needing to use cables.

Each fixture has a wireless onboard data receiver, so several fixtures can be synchronized at once wirelessly. For those that prefer, GlowUp can also be cable-connected to the grid and programmed using standard DMX cables. 3 GlowUp versions are available: GLOW-UP “C” (RGBW); GLOW-UP “TW” (Tuneable White); GLOW-UP “W” (White). Body colors available: chromed-plated, white, black.

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